Chinmastika Can Be Fun For Anyone

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लक्ष्मीमशेषजगतां परिभावयन्तः सन्तो भजन्ति भवतीं धनदेशलब्ध्यै ॥ १॥ This temple is critical to the globe as it illuminates not only the ancients’ means, but also how These methods have endured and may endure Sooner or later. साज्यैश्च तोषयति यः पुरुषस्त्रिसन्ध्यं षण्मासतो भवति शक्रसमो हि भूमौ ॥ १२॥ He experienced a https://directoryholiday.com/listings12775111/chinmastika-for-dummies


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